Very elegant bow nail

Share a very elegant bow nail manicure, every fairies come and see!

Don’t talk nonsense, go straight to the following steps:

1. The whole hand should be covered with semi transparent grayish purple, and the middle finger needs to be tapered.

2. Brush the seal lamp for 20 seconds after applying the background color, and wipe the polar powder.

3. Remove the excess powder, use white to draw Hill pattern on the middle finger, brush flash powder to decorate the part, brush the frosted seal layer with the whole hand, and use it after lighting.

4. Outline the decorative line with glue.

5. Shine on the lamp for 20 seconds and brush it with the powder of glass.

6. Here, we should first wrap the magic mirror powder, then wipe the excess powder with clean water, and wrap the edge of the decoration with bow tie.


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