Test your charm with your nail style

Choose your favorite nail from the following four types of nails,
Test your most attractive charm!

Your most attractive charm is your generous and straightforward personality. You are a very casual person, and you never like to tangle with some small things, so you always live a free and easy life. There is nothing special that can make your mood fluctuate. Living a very handsome life is a lifestyle that many people admire and appreciate.

Your most attractive charm is your smile. You are a very optimistic and cheerful person. No matter what time you look like, you are full of energy and pass on positive energy to others. Of course, you also have troubles, but you won’t let it bother you for a long time, because you have a very good self-regulation ability.

Your most attractive charm is your people’s light chrysanthemum temperament, very dignified and elegant, there is a sense of honor or disgrace, standing in the crowd without any performance can be immediately highlighted, although very casual, but in other people’s eyes, it is a fatal charm.

Your most attractive charm is your own aura. Usually, you always give people a very cold feeling, as if it is very drag, and no one wants to pay attention to it. In fact, it is just your natural aura. You are not such a person in your heart, but you are very charming.

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