Proverb stories in Chinese version:Nothing venture,nothing have

Idiom is a kind of specific vocabulary formed in ancient China, most of which are four characters. There are also idioms composed of 3, 5, 7 or more words, but this type of words is relatively small. There is an allusion to its origin.

Today, I’d like to introduce a idiom story to you.


In 73 ad, China was still in a feudal dynasty.
At that time, the emperor ordered Dou Gu(name of a person), a senior official in charge of the expedition against Xiongnu(name of a country). Ban Chao(name of a person), 40, was was under the leadership of Dou Gu.

In this expedition, ban Chao made great achievements in the war and was deeply appreciated by Dou Gu. Soon, Dou Gu ordered him and another senior general named Guo Xun(name of a person) to travel to the western region as diplomats.

Ban Chao, with his 36 warriors, first came to Shanshan(Name of country). The king began to show great respect and courtesy to them, but within a few days he suddenly became indifferent.

Ban Chao and his subordinates judged that this must be the emissary of the northern Xiongnu. The king’s attitude was wavering and he was not sure which side to obey.

So the Hu(Xiongnu nationality) people who received them were called in and cheated and said, “Hun emissaries have been here for a few days. Where is this moment?”

The Nahu people were very frightened and admitted the actual situation, which proved that ban Chao’s judgment was correct.

Ban Chao confined the Hu people and gathered all the 36 warriors to drink(In ancient China, it was believed that drinking wine before a battle could strengthen one’s courage).

When he had a good drink, Ban Chao angered everyone and said, “you and I are all in this very far away place, trying to make great achievements in order to obtain wealth.

Now only a few days after the Hu emissaries came here, the king’s courtesy and respect for us ceased. If he arrested us and sent us to the Xiongnu, we would be eaten by wolves. What do you think we should do about it? ”

His subordinates expressed the same wish: “at this critical moment, we will obey your orders, whether they are alive or dead. ”


Ban Chao made up his mind and said, “well, if you don’t go into the tiger hole, you can’t catch a tiger.”(How can you catch tiger cubs without entering the tiger‘s lair?/Nothing venturenothing have.).

There is only one way in front of you, that is, to attack the people sent by Xiongnu with fire in the dark. They don’t know how many of us are. They must be shocked so that they can be wiped out. If we destroy these enemies, the king will be terrified. We will be successful and our cause will be established. ”

We agreed with ban Chao’s action plan, but we also proposed to discuss this matter with Guo Xun.

Ban Chao got angry and said, “it’s bad luck or good luck that decides today. Guo Xun is a weak and vulgar official. When he hears this, he must be afraid. He will reveal our plot, and we will die in vain. ”

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