Inagi Aden, a pure land of soul

In the whole world,

What other places have such a view, waiting for photographers and explorers!

This place is so beautiful.

The name is Inagi Aden(Daocheng Yading).

Daocheng Yading(Inagi Aden) is located in the southwest of Sichuan Province in China. It is known as “the last pure land on the blue planet”.

Some people say that she is the pure land of the heart,others say that it is the residence of the soul. Anyway, it is speechless, sacred and mysterious in my heart.

You can’t close your eyes when you walk into it.

The beautiful scenery of Daocheng is hard to describe. It can be said that it is a rare gift given to the world by God.

Daocheng County is very small, but the total area of Daocheng is very large. There are many villages

scattered in the vast plateau mountainous area.

Daocheng is a small town with simple folk customs. You can see the kind and simple smile everywhere.

There are three scenic spots in Daocheng County: Yading, Haizishan and riverside, among which Yading is the core scenic spot of Daocheng.

The scenery here is picturesque, which can hardly be described by words… This is the beautiful rice city; people who have been there know her beauty, and those who have not been there expect her beauty.

Aden has not only magnificent and sacred snow mountains, but also vast meadows, colorful forests and blue inland lakes.

Almost all the most beautiful things in the snow covered plateau are gathered here, which makes people forget to return.

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