Beef and Konjac soup with a grapefruit fragrance

What is light food? Light food originally refers to those snacks and drinks that are easy to fill, easy to eat and easy to make. For example, sandwiches, snacks, dried fruit, yogurt, fruit snacks are light food.


But now, light food has been redefined to refer to low calorie, low-fat, high fiber, simple, original flavor, healthy and nutritious food.


Today, I’d like to introduce a light food dish – Beef and Konjac soup with a grapefruit fragrance. The reason why I chose it is that beef is low in fat and rich in nutrition.
Konjac is a kind of ultra-low calorie food material, and tofu is also a common ingredient in light food.
So, you can trustingly enjoy it.

List of foods

Beef slice            10 pieces

Konjac                               1

tofu                          1 piece

onion                                 1

scallion                             3


grapefruit sauce

white pepper

black pepper

soy sauce

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