After my mother died, my father didn’t have a private life for 20 years

Since childhood, fairy tales (snow white, Cinderella, etc.) have made us form the concept of “stepmothers are all bad people”. Moreover, many children from single parent families are sensitive to emotions. Therefore, people’s contradictory psychology towards stepmothers is quite strong.
However, this inherent thinking may be the biggest harm to stepmothers who really want to integrate into the new family.

My dad was 27 when my mom died.

I was three years old and my brother was half years old.

Since then, my father, who used to be a “father” in a bad way,he began to play the role of “father” and “mother” at the same time.

My father, who was only responsible for making money or taking us running around and playing,I have to rush home at the first time after work to prepare lunch and dinner for us.

But I was wrong.

For the next 15 years, my father never remarried.

He didn’t even leave us at home at night and went out alone. He never got home half an hour or 15 minutes late.

His whole mind was on me and my brother.

Since I was a child, I have been reminded that the three members of our family will not have a long time to live in peace.

Maybe one day,

There will be a woman in the name of “mother” and compete with me for my father’s love.

If my brother and I accidentally offend her,maybe we’ll get kicked out of the house.

Although my father is busy day and night,
but my brother and I were taken good care of, without the helplessness and loneliness of single parent children.

I lost my mother since I was a child. I was as vigilant as a hedgehog.

Mother’s portrait, has been hanging on the wall.

In the mirror, I was a child without a mother, which I knew better than my baby brother.

The old people in the street always tell me my misfortune and the difference between me and other children.

Father always said, “I can live alone. “

But every time I saw him smoking in the empty living room at night,whenever he smiles at the aunt selling tofu and pickles on the street,I’m always very uneasy. I have a hunch that the day when the bad woman comes will not be long.

Just because I thought,
in my life,
When there was no woman to replace my biological mother in my father’s heart, stepmother, she came.

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