A bowl of pancakes

Ben’s family was poor, so he left school early and studied carpentry with Chad. Chad is a good craftsman, but he has a bad temper. If he is not satisfied, he scolds his apprentice.

When Ben was an apprentice with no money, his only expectation was that he would be able to eat when he worked in his master’s house.

When Ben went to work at his employer’s place for the first time, he was afraid that if he was not careful, he would be angry with Chad. He would be scolded for a small matter, and he would be expelled.

Ben watched and listened to all kinds of things. He handed his axe, saw, ink fountain and other tools to his master and his three senior brothers in time.

But Ben only drank a bowl of food that could show people in the morning. Before noon, he was so hungry that his eyes were full of stars. Finally, he came to the owner and said it was time to eat. Ben heard this and put down his tools and followed him.

At this time, Chad spoke, not very loud, but simply powerful: “there are parents, no parents to teach.” As soon as the words fell, Ben was slapped by his elder martial brother, which made him show his teeth in pain.

As soon as the elder martial brother opened his speech, he was still full of gunpowder: “master, you haven’t put down your work. What are you going to do?”

If you look at Chad, he doesn’t care about his apprentice. He just bangs his hammer until it jingles. When Ben saw it, he could only continue to work for his master and his brothers.

After half a cup of tea, Chad threw the hammer in his hand and said, “dinner.”

The elder martial brothers quickly put down their tools, looked happy, and followed the master’s buttocks, happily embracing the dining table under the shade of the tree.

Ben also wants to keep up with him. The elder martial brother glared at him and asked him to pack up his tools.

As soon as Ben finished cleaning up, Chad sat down at the table and yelled, “how come there’s no one to pour water?”
On hearing this, the elder martial brother turned to Ben and yelled, “Ben, pour water.”

Ben ran to fetch tea and water for his master and brothers.

By this time, Chad was almost finished eating a pancake. When Ben looked at it, his stomach “grunted”, but four bowls of water had not been poured out. Where could he spare his hand to take pancakes?

Ben poured out the water in a hurry, and the elder martial brother called out again, “Ben, ladle out the soup.” Ben quickly scooped Soup for everyone.

When he can spare his hand to take the pancakes, the master and the elder martial brothers have already eaten almost.

Soon, there were only two pancakes left on the table, but Ben had less than half of one pancake.

He couldn’t take the pancakes from the table until he finished his pancakes. He could only stare at them pitifully.
Just then Ben saw that Chad and his elder brother reached for the pancakes.

The elder martial brother found that Chad wanted to take the pancakes, so he quickly drew back his hand and piled up a smile: “master, you eat, you eat.”

With a hum, Chad grabbed the two pancakes on the table in his hand, then slowly tore them into pieces and put them into a bowl.

“I’m old, but I can’t compare with you young people,” said Chad as he tore the pancake. “You have to eat it in a pickle because you don’t have a good mouth.”

Maybe it was because he got the last two pancakes, and Chad actually chuckled.

Although Ben was aggrieved, he had to take a thermos bottle to wash pancakes for his master.

There was no water in the thermos bottle at the table, so Ben had to take the empty bottle and ask for water from his boss.

After a while, Ben came back with a full bottle of water. He washed the pancakes for his master and said, “Shifu, just boiled water.”

When Ben finished flushing, Chad picked up some pancakes with his chopsticks and put them in his mouth.

At this moment, Chad suddenly called out “ouch” and said in a fierce voice, “little rabbit, do you want to burn me to death?”

Ben was startled. He was a little confused.

Chad took a look at Ben and continued, “I think you’re the first offender. I don’t care about you. Don’t say anything. Here, eat this bowl of pancakes. Let’s have a long memory. I’ll see if you dare to scald me in the future.”

With that, Chad stopped eating and left the table with his hands on his back.

Looking at Ben, the elder martial brothers were so scared that they couldn’t laugh. “Master said:” Master said, eat, this can not be discussed

With tears in his eyes, Ben slowly ate the bowl of pancakes that he would never forget. Finally, Ben couldn’t hold back his tears and fell into his job.

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While Ben was wiping his tears and tidying up the dishes and chopsticks, the Third Elder martial brother came to pat him on the shoulder and said, “Ben, don’t cry. I came here like this.”

Then, without waiting for ben to speak, he said, “on your first day, Shifu loves you and is afraid that you won’t have enough. This is a different way to make you eat enough. When I first came here, I brought tea and water to my master and elder martial brothers. I took this and that, but I didn’t eat one mouthful. My meal was almost gone. Whenever this time, the master will change the way to leave a mouthful for me. I figured it out afterwards. ”

Ben listened, dried his tears, laughed at the Third Elder martial brother and said, “I know that.” Then Ben told the Third Elder martial brother that the water he used to make pancakes for his master was not boiling water at all, but warm water just steaming.

He went to fetch water just now. There was no boiling water. He wanted to mix it with warm water. He didn’t expect that the bowl of pancakes made by master was specially reserved for him.

Just now, when the master said pancakes were hot, Ben understood. He was moved and reproached, so he just ate and wept.

At this time, Chad sat not far away and smoked a dry cigarette. He didn’t even look at Ben’s side.

From then on, Ben served the master wholeheartedly and devoted himself to learning carpentry skills from his master and his elder brothers. He said that he not only learned craftsmanship, but also learned how to be a man. He would never forget his great kindness.

Author: Cui Jianhua

Photo by toehk on Foter.com / CC BY-SA

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