Chinese story:I finally married someone I didn’t like

In China, many Chinese people have been troubled by such complex factors as the uncoordinated ratio of men and women, education and so on.
Most of them are in their early twenties after graduating from university. If they have no partners and are busy working for a few years, they will soon become old single people. In the face of the pressure of life and family, will they compromise or continue to wait for love.
The following is the true story of an older single woman in this situation.

My name is Yu Qian. I am 29 years old. Tomorrow is August 24. My future mother-in-law will find a fortune teller to help us calculate the good golden day. Tomorrow I will get married and marry a man I don’t like!




I often think about one thing. When I was young, my parents told me not to fall in love when I was reading. When I got to work, I was very busy.

Gradually, the men around me are either married or have girlfriends. Who should I marry?

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Recalling his first meeting with him, he carried cigarettes and wine to my home accompanied by his cousin, and his behavior was not restrained.

I have a warm reception with a smile on my face, but my heart is calm like water. I don’t feel excited.

After dinner, he took me to the supermarket. We bought some snacks and separated after a simple conversation.
I think he should have the same idea. Marriage is just living together. It doesn’t matter who the other party is. As long as you don’t resent marriage, it doesn’t matter.

So, I know he doesn’t like me either, because he always buys me the same snacks,he never ask me likes it or not.
In the past, I was too harsh on their own lives . I often gave tit for tat and spoke fiercely.

I expect my future husband to be a little tall, a little handsome, and a little success in her career, gentle, considerate and humorous.

If we are not greedy, we should at least treat ourselves better, work more stably, and have enough income to support our future small family. We should be romantic once in a while.

Well, just think about it and feel happy!

Now, more and more do not love wechat, do not love to see the circle of friends, for fear of envy, let their calm heart set off useless waves.

Maybe life has taught me to grow up numb and apathetic. Love is just a luxury to me. At this age of rapid aging, marriage is what life should be like.

Even if he is not the prince charming in his mind, he can’t wait for his arrival.

Sometimes, I really don’t know if all love will lose to time?

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